Black 'n' Lemony
Here's an interview with Jack Black. The interviewer is Daniel Handler, a.k.a. Lemony Snicket.

An excerpt:

JB: I can't remember whom I share my birthday with. No one of note. I'm coming up on my thirty-fourth.

DH: I'm also thirty-three.

JB: Oh really?

DH: Yes.

JB: See, I say thirty-three is the landmark.

DH: Of what?

JB: It's the landmark year. I'm a Jew. Thirty-three is when Christ died. So though I'm a Jew, in the back of my mind I still think that I gotta get it done before I'm thirty-four because well, I don't know why. He got it done before He was thirty-four.

DH: It seems like he had plans to do a few other things.

JB: Oh really? [laughs] Is there evidence of that?

DH: He just seems like the kind of guy bent on remaking the world.

JB: He had superpowers and that's the main reason I like Him. Anyone who can float, has power of levitation, or can shoot lasers out of his eyes...

DH: I don't remember hearing about the laser thing with Jesus.

JB: Well, how do you think he turned the water into wine? With His eye-lasers.