Andy Hardy Har Har
My pal Claire Zulkey recently interviewed New Yorker humorist Andy Borowitz.

An excerpt:

I'm curious to know what it's like to be published in the New Yorker. The first time you had a piece in there, did you submit to them, or did they contact you and ask you to write?
They actually contacted me in August of 1998. They asked me if I had anything funny to say about Monica Lewinsky (it was the week leading up to Clinton's deposition). I wrote up a list of "talking points" for the President's deposition and they used it that week. Coincidentally, it was David Remnick's first week editing the magazine.

It seems like you've touched just about every medium, and been published in just about every venue that writers hope to see their names in. What are your goals for the future? Which publications have felt like the biggest accomplishments?
I suppose The New Yorker is the place where everyone wants to be published. I guess part of that has to do with the roster of humorists they've published over the years. And the magazine is still tremendously influential. The one magazine I have yet to crack is a medical journal called Minimally Invasive Surgical Nursing. Someday.