The Man in the Mirror
Here's an article about genius comedy god Stephen Fry, which was published on February 19 in the British tabloid the Daily Mirror.

An excerpt:

One of Fry's heroes is acting legend James Cagney.

"When he was in his late 80s he was learning a seventh language, he was reading Russian and French literature, sailing his yacht, building things. It was this amazing list.

"Cagney was asked how he could retain such an interest in life. His answer was, 'I guess it's because I never give a second's thought to myself.'

"That's a wonderful lesson and really so un-American. Most Americans think the key to happiness is thinking about yourself.

"It completely misses the point, because it's only when you engage yourself fully in something outside yourself that you feel fulfilled.

"And that's what it's all about - we all want to be fulfilled. And someone who is an accountant with a large firm can feel fulfilled and someone who is a best-selling novelist may not. It's not a question of what it is that you do but how you do it."