Chumworth Mirth
W. Chumworth writes monologue jokes for Letterman. He used to write them for Leno, too, but now he focuses his white-hot comedy beam solely on Dave. On this page of his website, Chumworth has posted the jokes that have made it onto television, and includes audio files of Dave or Jay delivering them.

Click the joke to hear it told by a professional:

Late Show -- Air Date: June 25, 2003

In an effort to curb the spread of monkeypox the U.S. government banned the sale of prairie dogs.

I hope this doesn't affect the price of a Whopper.


Tonight Show -- Air Date: October 28, 2002

Virgin Atlantic airline has given a woman $20,000 for injuries she suffered after being squeezed next to an obese person on a trans-Atlantic flight.

To rub salt in the wound, the obese person also ate her in-flight snack.


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