C.K. One
Louis C.K. is the mayor of Chuckletown. He's written for Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Chris Rock, and Dana Carvey; he's one of the best standups in the business; and he makes hilarious films. His film Tomorrow Night is one of the funniest movies ever made. Unfortunately, it isn't available for rental or purchase in any form; Mr. C.K. says he might make a DVD of it and sell it on his website, though. I was lucky to see Tomorrow Night at a film festival.

From this page on Mr. C.K.'s website:

Back in 1998 I made my first feature film. "Tomorrow Night". This was a black and white independant film that I made myself for about 180K dollars. It was an incredibly great experience and I'll always be happy that I made at least one film completely without any interference, even though it sent me into gigantic debt. Tomorrow Night went to Sundance and many other festivals and got some very good reviews but I have not gotten a distributor thus far. I am going to try to make a DVD of Tomorrow Night to sell here myself, but we'll see. Below are some links to reviews and other Press regarding "Tomorrow Night".

My friend Claire Zulkey recently interviewed Mr. C.K. You can read the interview here.

Here's Mr. C.K.'s bio from the liner notes of his CD:

Louis C.K. is best known as a stand-up comedian and filmmaker. Most people don't know that he is accomplished in many other fields as well. For instance, Louis won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics for "Not throwing darts at seniors". Also, in the nineteen eighties, Louis was personally responsible for "All the hooplah". Perhaps Louis' greatest accomplishment was when he "Went over to that area and talked to that guy for a while" a feat that forever altered the face of something. Perhaps Louis will never be fully recognized for all he has done, but one thing is for sure.

Here's Mr. C.K.'s guide to appendix removal.

An excerpt:

2. THE HOLE: The hole is something that must be made in the body of the patient in order to gain access to the appendix. The hole may be created in one of many ways. The simplest way is to pierce the skin with a sharp or hot object, and then cut or slice away an area of skin, approximately the size of a miniature pumpkin. The skin that has been cut away can either be discarded, used to make a stylish hat or saved in a coke can to be replaced after the appendix is removed. NOTE: UPON MAKING THE HOLE, ONE MAY FIND THAT MUCH BLOOD WILL POUR FROM THE BODY. IF MORE THAN FIVE PINTS OF THIS BLOOD ESCAPES, THE PATIENT MAY BECOME “TIRED” OR “NOT ALIVE ANY LONGER”.