The Man Who Came to Dinner
The following is an excerpt from a letter S.J. Perelman wrote to his friend Leila Hadley. The letter is dated June 17, 1955.

Tonight, I'm scheduled to have dinner with Harvey Orkin, whom you may recall, and Cary Grant, whom I'm sure you do, to discuss a project for involving the latter in a TV production of Westward Ha! There isn't even the proverbial Chinaman's chance of its going through, but wild-eyed agents have set it up and I've gone too far into it to back out. I will, therefore, break off here and continue when I next get back to these unlovely precincts.

... [Cary Grant] turned out to be a very agreeable surprise, in that he was not only full of charm -- which we expected -- but was most receptive to the idea advanced by my companions. Nothing immediate, to be sure; it'll be two years before he could possibly do it, but he did tell them that if they'd show him three scripts based on Westward Ha!, satisfactory to himself, he'd throw in his lot with us. It appears he has been a loyal reader of mine for quite a while, and was as complimentary as anyone could have asked. All this is balmy for the ego but unfortunately of no emollient value to the pocket.