Late-Night King
Here's an article about a Letterman writer who had a bone to pick with Larry King. (Thanks to Chumworth for the link.)

An excerpt:

The 'monologue thing,' in fact, is the real reason Kendall moved to New York: To pursue his dream of becoming a writer on Letterman's 'Late Show.' After several years of trying, Kendall was put on a lucrative retainer by Letterman in April 1997 to write a minimum of 20 monologue jokes a day.

Last year, Kendall quit his full-time job at Bozell to concentrate on his monologue material.

But he still does the milk mustache ads on a freelance basis. Larry King probably wishes he didn't.

Here's a couple of Kendall-written jokes Letterman has used after King drove Kendall nuts on the milk shoot:

"Well, I see where Larry King got married to a lovely young girl while he's in the hospital recuperating from his heart attack. Which worked out great because that way she was able to go in the next room after the ceremony and have her head examined."